Custom Screen Printing Jacksonville

Why screen printing?

While we have many way to decorate t-shirts screen printing is one of the most popular. We have been screen printing for over 25 years and the process is basically the same, but the screen printing machines have gotten better and faster.

To print your custom t-shirt order we have three automatic presses that can print thousands of shirts a day. This means that your order can be produced on time and on budget. We do all of the screen printing production in-house, which saves everyone time and headaches.

What is screen printing process?

Although screen printing, also called silk screening, has it’s humble beginnings, the rest of the process has gotten very high-tech. Screen printing is still based on the same concepts you did in high school, but that’s where it ends. Modern screen printing is done on automated machines that control the ink, squeegee stroke, pressure and speed giving better prints faster than ever before.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing, also called silk screening, is a process by which a screen and a stencil is used to transfer a design to a t-shirt. The stencil on the screen has the logo on which allows ink to pass through specific areas of the screen. The ink that is allowed to pass through the screen creates the logo on the t-shirt or other item. The printed item is then placed on a conveyor dryer (picture a big pizza oven) then the heat of the dryer cures the screen printing ink. The most common screened item is the humble t-shirt, but we can imprint on many types of wearable items.

What is the setup charge in screen printing?

The setup charges are typically a one time charge to set up the screens for your job. If you reorder the same design there will not be a screen setup charge. These charges are $10 per screen / color and 12 pieces per imprinted color. If you don’t need that many shirts we offer custom embroidery with only a 6 piece minimum.

Is there a way to print t-shirts with a screen fee?

If you have a lot of colors and a small order you may want to look at DTF printing.
DTF stands for Direct to Film printing. It is a process where we print your designs onto a special film and then transfer them to t-shirts and other wearables. It's a fantastic way to get vibrant, colorful and durable prints without setup the costs associated with screen printing.