Custom Uniforms Jacksonville

In today's world, making a good first impression is essential when connecting with your customers and clients. Consumers today are overwhelmed with brand messages, which makes it all the harder to get your message across. That's where custom uniforms Jacksonville and embroidered company apparel from APS stands out from the rest. For an upscale look, embroidery is the perfect choice to enhance your image and brand. Our designers can create a sophisticated look for the applications needing the most durable option for apparel including:

  • Health Care & Medical Uniforms
  • Hotel & Hospitality Uniforms
  • Housekeeping Uniforms
  • School Uniforms
  • Sports Uniforms
  • Automotive Uniforms
  • Construction Uniforms
  • Service Uniforms
  • Cherokee Workwear
  • Letterman Jackets

Embroidery creates a highly professional impression of your brand logo. This makes embroidered event apparel ideal for golf tournaments, office polo shirts, charity fundraisers, technicians, and customer service representatives. Nothing adds a boost for campaign brand awareness like having your personnel donning embroidered shirts, hats or other signature logo apparel. If you're not a graphic artist, you may need help bringing your idea to life. That's why at APS, all designs are made by you working closely with our designers to ensure your custom look stands out in a crowd. We believe in listening to our customers to ensure they receive the best return on investment from each promotion. 


Customized embroidery and garment printing for athletic uniforms is an important part of your overall branding. It can help to bring your team together or let the world know about your brand. At APS Jacksonville, there are many things that make us the best choice for all of your needs. APS is right in the community where you live and work, so we can offer the best advice for making an impact for your brand. 


Whether you need work uniforms, custom office apparel, or causual Friday t-shirts, our design team can take any photo, logo, font, or clip art to create a unique design that meets your specific needs. Since creativity and style are important components for ensuring a successful look, APS is eager to help you select the right custom uniforms Jacksonville as well as special event and work apparel. When it comes to event apparel, T-shirts work and color sells. 


Although vintage looks are hot right now, our dedicated staff will help you find a clean, easy-to-read font and colors that complement your brand messaging. So, no matter the purpose of custom apparel or your budget, we can offer a fast turnaround, especially for direct to garment screen printing. Moreover, our experienced team of promotional professionals can provide valuable tips for creating brand awareness that connects with employees, clients, customers, event participants, fundraisers, and more.